Laser wrinkle treatment – helping you regain your youth

Posted on 13 Sep, 2010

Wrinkles are a sign of aging skin and can be embarrassing. Wrinkles form due to the inability of the body to replace the collagen and elastin in the skin as quickly as they break down. As a result of this, wrinkles form and reduce the elasticity of your skin. Brown spots, sun damage and hyper pigmentation all make the skin lose its glowing healthy appearance.

With the advent of laser treatment, you can get rid of wrinkles within minutes and sport healthy, lively skin. Laser treatment can remove years from your skin and improve tone and texture.

It is important to speak to your doctor before proceeding with the procedure. Follow any tips that the doctor recommends.

Preparations and expectations

Once you decide to undergo laser wrinkle removing surgery, avoid exposing the affected part to the sun. Avoid tanning as the irregular colouration can interfere with the procedure. Laser wrinkle removal treatment with a CO2 laser can become painful; hence you will be given topical anaesthetic and sedatives to numb the affected area and to help you relax.

The procedure

The surgeons will ensure that you get appropriate precautionary measures in order to protect your eyes from the intensity of the laser used in wrinkle treatment. Wrinkle treatment takes anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to complete, depending on the area to be treated.

Post laser wrinkle removal surgery

A burning or tingling sensation is a common occurrence after laser wrinkle removal surgery. The skin will be raw and might blister. Some amount of pain is common and the surgeon might prescribe a few painkillers for you. Avoid exposing the treated part to the sun and limit your activity. Ensure that the body gets enough rest to heal itself. The rehabilitation period is usually one to two weeks.