Leave your rosacea in the shade this summer

Posted on 17 Jun, 2012

Unfortunately for those who suffer from the chronic skin complaint rosacea, summer will not bring the opportunity to bask in the sunshine (although this could be a blessing in disguise for your skin). Along with alcohol and spicy foods, the sun’s rays can be responsible for triggering rosacea flare-ups that can be uncomfortable, unsightly and difficult to manage.

If you know that you are prone to rosacea during the summer months, then make sure you do everything you can to keep it under control and protect your complexion. This means keeping your face out of the sun; as a rosacea sufferer, you should be wearing a sunblock every single day. Make sure you look for one that doesn’t leave a greasy residue or block pores as this could worsen any spotty breakouts.

It is also a good idea to wear a hat when the sun is shining and to choose one that casts a substantial shadow over your face. This may seem like a pain, but your complexion will reward you with a brighter, less sensitised appearance. Failing that, if you already show the signs of rosacea (thread veins and redness) then give laser rosacea treatment could provide you with valuable relief.