Discovering you have rosacea can be a cause for concern and embarrassment. Even though the skin condition affects as much as ten per cent of the population in Northern Europe, many people have never heard of it until they develop it themselves. The fact that rosacea is chronic can also be difficult to come to terms with.

There are, however, many ways to make living with rosacea just a little easier:

• Keep a diary and identify your triggers so that you can find out what to avoid in your diet or environment.

• Don’t suffer in silence, but seek out rosacea treatment before it starts to affect your self-esteem. Thread veins and redness can be eliminated with the help of IPL treatment, while there are various approaches for getting rid of any spots and pimples.

• Invest in the right cosmetics. You can buy cosmetics that contain higher concentrations of pigments that are designed to camouflage problem skin. Make sure you go for products that have been developed to be kind to fragile skin.

• Remember that you are not alone. Rosacea is a common condition, and there are various associations that can offer support and advice to those suffering from the skin condition.