Laser treatment is one of the most popular methods of removing tattoos, acne scars and hair. Laser hair removal treatment is becoming increasingly popular as it can save a lot of time on having to remove unwanted hair every day. There are many reputable laser hair removal clinics in London.

The area which needs to be treated for hair removal is shaved a few days before the actual treatment begins. On the day of the treatment, many hair removal clinics apply an anaesthetic cream to the skin in order to numb any pain. Some clinics also use a cool laser spray, tip or gel to make the treatment more comfortable.

During the hair removal procedure, both the patient and the technician need to wear special glasses which filter out harmful laser rays. The technician should then test the laser on different areas of the skin, in order to determine the size, power and pulse frequency that is required.
A powerful laser is directed onto the hair follicles, which damages them and doesn’t allow any hair to grow back in the area. Although the degree of discomfort felt is often minimal, this depends on how large the area being treated is.

After the laser hair removal treatment

After the procedure, patients may experience some redness or swelling in the treated area, although they can still carry out all their normal day to day activities. Swelling and redness generally start to subside within 24 hours, and you can apply ice and anti-inflammatory products to ease any pain.

The laser hair removal procedure may take four to six weeks to complete- depending on when the hair growth has been completely eliminated. Although laser hair removal is generally permanent, some touch-up sessions may be required in the future.

Laser hair removal clinics in London offer many different payment packages so that you can spread the cost of the treatment into affordable instalments if you wish.