Every day we expose our skin to the elements and pollution, and smother it in make up. It is essential, therefore, to look after your skin and make sure you give it a chance to breathe if you want to look your best.

The Laser Treatment Clinic provides a range of advanced skincare products that are designed to meet specific skin requirements. Gentle and hypoallergenic, these products respect the skin’s natural balance.

The first step in any beauty regime should be cleansing. The Laser Treatment Clinic offers gentle but effective cleansers for all types of skin:

Cleanse Active for normal, combination and oily skin. Water can dry skin out and make it more sensitive, and spot-prone skin in particular benefits from a cleanser that doesn’t rinse off with water. This cleanser removes the impurities that can block pores and lead to spots without stripping the skin of moisture.

The Gentle Cleanser is ideal for delicate, dry or sensitised skin, and is perfect for cleaning aging skin. Its gentle formula leaves skin feeling soft and, again, does not strip the skin of its essential natural moisture.
For clear, healthy skin, make sure your skincare products and routine are helping and not hindering.