Pregnancy is a unique and wonderful experience, although it does cause significant changes to the body and the skin during those nine months of growth and hormone changes.

Everyone dreads getting stretch marks, which for many go hand in hand with being pregnant. Changes to the levels of certain hormones are thought to affect the skin’s capacity to stretch, thus making it more vulnerable to stretching.

Stretch marks are not dangerous, but they can be itchy and uncomfortable, so it is important to look after your skin during this time. The Laser Treatment Clinic’s specialist skincare products range includes the highly effective Rose E oil, which is great for ensuring that your skin remains sufficiently hydrated and supple as it stretches.

As well as hydrating the skin, the oil has regenerative properties that can help the skin to heal when over-stretching occurs.

Stretch marks can’t be prevented, but you can make sure that you help your skin to cope with the stress it is under. And, if, despite your best efforts you suffer from extensive stretch marks, a combination of microdermabrasion and laser treatment can provide very effective stretch mark removal.