Look after your skin this winter

Posted on 22 Dec, 2011

Our skin can suffer greatly during the winter months, and it is important to take extra special care of it, helping to protect and repair it.

The face is particularly exposed to the cold temperatures, strong winds, rain and sleet, and harsh sunlight, making it vulnerable to damage. The winter weather can leave it dry and flaking, making a good moisturiser an absolutely essential part of your winter skincare routine.

Certain skin conditions can also be aggravated by the harsh conditions, with rosacea being especially sensitive and likely to flare up. Specialised skincare products, such as those offered by The Laser Treatment Clinic, are designed to help soothe and repair affected skin, restoring it to health.

It is also important not to forget sun protection this winter. Once the snow starts falling, the sunlight and its damaging UV rays can be magnified, exposing the skin to damage. It may be tempting to take advantage of any winter sun, but it is important to protect your skin all year round, especially if you go for a winter sports holiday.

So, it may be the season to cover up under layers of winter clothes, but don’t forget to protect the bits that remain exposed!