Look after your skin to help with stretch marks

Posted on 16 Oct, 2011

Nearly half of all women have stretch marks somewhere on their body. They can appear during different life stages, although few women come out of pregnancy without some physical reminders that can hang around long after the baby has arrived.

While stretch marks cannot be prevented with any degree of certainty, it is a good idea to treat your skin kindly during this period of excessive growth and stretching. Apply our stretchmark serum, one of our specially developed skin care products, to your growing bump to ensure that the skin is adequately hydrated and in the best condition possible.

The serum is great for both stretch prevention and treatment and allows the skin to maintain elasticity. Rose E Oil is another product that can provide effective help when dealing with stretch marks.

Stretch marks are generally easier to reduce if they are treated in their early stages, ie. when they are pinky purply lines. They tend to fade as they get older, turning a silvery-white, which can be less visible unless the surrounding skin is tanned.

Stretch mark removal is another option for those who simply do not want to live with their marks. A combination of microdermabrasion and laser therapy removes the damaged superficial layers of skin and stimulates the growth of new, healthy, radiant skin in its place.