Looking for acne scar reduction? Laser treatment will help

Posted on 29 Jan, 2011

Acne is a problematic skin condition which is experienced by every teenager in the world. Some adults also have acne problems. The trouble with acne is that it may leave behind scars. In some severe cases, the scars are permanent. Laser treatment can reduce acne and even diminish the scars.

Laser treatments remove scarred tissue and stimulate the growth of collagen. The skin becomes smooth to touch once more. As the collagen grows, the submerged acne scars are removed in the successive sessions of the treatment.

How does it work?

Before the skin is subjected to lasers, an anaesthetic cream is applied to numb it. The sebaceous glands that are responsible for acne are then treated by the laser. The activity in these glands diminishes and this reduces acne.

Ablative and non-ablative lasers are used for acne scars and acne reduction respectively. Ablative lasers eliminate scarred tissue by vaporising it and increasing collagen growth. They may increase pigmentation in extremely rare cases.

The non-ablative laser only enhances collagen production which results in resurfacing of submerged acne scars. Scar tissue is not removed by this type of laser. Non-ablative lasers are also used for reducing lines, wrinkles and for skin firming.

Laser skin treatments for acne provide long lasting results. If proper post treatment precautions are taken then you may not need to take another treatment session for years. This is a great method, as scar tissue is reduced instantly. After the session, your acne scars will have either reduced or disappeared completely.