Lose the stretch marks and improve your confidence

Posted on 04 Oct, 2011

Some women insist that their stretch marks from pregnancy are like badges of honour, a reminder of the wonder of child birth… Others, however, find coming to terms with their post-pregnancy body difficult and are anxious to get back into shape.

While going to the gym and eating healthily can help you to shed any extra pounds, stretch marks are tougher to get rid of. The purple lines form when the dermis is literally stretched to breaking point. Although they heal, the scar tissue leaves a visible trace that may not fade completely.

While some women may only have a couple of marks that are easy to hide, others can find their stomachs transformed into a criss-cross of reddish marks that makes the idea of ever wearing a bikini again unbearable.

Laser stretch mark removal treatment can provide enormous relief in these circumstances. Before the laser is applied, a microdermabrasion treatment is used to provide deep exfoliation to the affected areas, stimulating the growth of healthy new skin.

The laser also boosts the production of new skin cells, as well as that of collagen, which is essential for smooth, elastic skin. The result is a significant improvement in the appearance of the marks, and a new-found confidence in your appearance.