Making plans for laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 06 Oct, 2010

Many people, especially youngsters, opt for permanent tattoos and then get bored of it as they grow older. It was near-impossible to get rid of these tattoos before laser technology was introduced. Now you can find many cosmetic surgeons who are experts in laser tattoo removal treatments. If you are planning to visit one for the treatment then here are few tips to find a good surgeon and get proper treatment:

Look for a specialist

It is preferred that you find a surgeon who is specialised in dermatology. He has proper knowledge about the treatment and can guide you about the requirements of your skin. People with sensitive skin and on medication need extra care and attention. Only a specialised surgeon can recommend proper precautionary measures to you.

Understand the type of your tattoo

This is important as the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the ink used for the tattoo. People often think that they can see the results immediately after the first treatment. This is not true. There are two types of tattoos—

  1. Single-coloured tattoo
  2. Multi-coloured tattoo

Multi-coloured tattoo generally needs more treatment sessions than single coloured ones.

Cost of treatment

The cost depends on several factors as the type of laser used and sessions required depends on them. These factors are–

  • Colours used
  • Type of ink used
  • Skin pigmentation

It is preferred that you personally visit your cosmetic surgeon and get all the details of treatment before opting for laser tattoo removal treatment. It is one of the precautionary measures that will give you maximum results.