It would seem that the polished and perfect appearance of Kate Middleton when she married her Prince Charming this time last year, has had an effect on brides-to-be ever since. It is perfectly understandable for future brides to worry about the way they will look on their big day; with all eyes on the bride and numerous photos to pose for, many women will never have felt so exposed before.

Now, it appears that going on a diet and having a facial and manicure is not enough for some women to feel they look their best. According to recent surveys, a growing number of women are opting for breast implants or botox in an attempt to iron out their imperfections before D Day.

Procedures such as this can have a huge effect on an already hefty wedding budget, but there are some treatments that can offer long-term results that will keep you looking great long after the wedding bells have faded and could be worth considering if you are preparing for your big day.

Treatments using Intense Pulsed Light, for example, can offer fantastic results with no down time or invasive procedures. In the next article, we will take a look at some of the treatments that could help you look your best on the big day.