Mark Wahlberg gets his tattoos removed for his kids

Posted on 14 Jan, 2012

Actor Mark Wahlberg has decided to set an example to his children and get his tattoos removed. Despite the fact that his tattoos all have meaning and importance for him, he has come to the conclusion that is he doesn’t want his children to get them, he has to get rid of his own.

He has even decided to take the eldest of his four children with him to his tattoo removal sessions so that they can understand what is involved. He hopes in this way to make them think twice about getting their own tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective when carried out by experts, but does involve some discomfort and is a gradual process. When the laser is applied to the design, the pigments in the ink are heated up to such a temperature that they disintegrate.

The skin can release tiny steam bubbles, causing the skin to whiten initially, before swelling and reddening. This can last for several hours following the treatment. The results can be impressive, although it is also important to avoid exposing the skin to sunlight during a course of treatment.