Self harm scars differ from all other types of scars, they represent a time in your life where you might have been depressed, angry, scared or alone. Even though you might have wanted to hurt yourself at the time, you may regret doing so now. The problem with scarring, is it constantly reminds you of an awful time in your life – especially in the warmer months when people tend to show off more of their skin.

The good news is, scars caused by self harm are physically the same as scars caused by other means – meaning they can be easily treated safely and effectively as other scars. Like any scar, self harm scars develop as a result of the body’s wound healing process. Over recent years, researchers have made major advances in understanding the intricacies of the body’s wound healing mechanisms, meaning new products are being developed to prevent and treat scar formation. There are now treatments available which will reduce even the deepest scars.

If you have self harm scars, know that you’re not alone. We have helped many men and women reduce and clear their self harm scars, making them feel happier and more confident in their daily lives.

Medical Scar Removal Treatments

Our experienced skin specialist have effectively treated all sorts of scars over the years, and have used our exclusive marine boost skin care and treatments to ensure the best possible results for your skin.

The marine boost skin care and treatments helps skin rejuvenate faster, stimulating fresh skin cells that promote new collagen growth. The collagen remodels for a smoother and clearer skin texture that matches your natural skins texture, leaving your scars virtually invisible. The results are completely permanent, and our exclusive formula works on all skin types, including Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin.

All of our scar removal treatments are tailored to individual needs, so we provide a free consultation with one of our skin experts. Our skin experts are both friendly and sympathetic, they will provide full details on the scar removal treatment process and answer any questions that you might have, no matter how small.

We have over 18 years experience at our Harley Street clinic, treating all types of dark and light scars caused by damage to the skin. Book your free consultation today, and start your journey to scar free skin today!