Michelle Heaton is continuing the celebrity tradition of tattooing the names of those near and dear onto somebody part that can easily be shown off.

The ex-pop star had her first child in January and has paid tribute to the event and her daughter with a new tattoo on the inside of her wrist. The tattoos feature the baby’s name and three red hearts and join the tattoo inked in honour of her husband.

It makes one wonder if she will continue up her arm if she has more children, and what she will do when she is no longer married to Hugh, but I digress.

Underneath the article of one online newspaper reporting this ‘event’, readers have communicated very strong opinions on the tattoo of a woman they do not personally know. From criticisms of the quality of the execution of the tattoo to criticisms of Heaton’s character (based on the tattoo), the comments are judgemental and highly critical.

The comments illustrate the continuing value judgements that tattoos provoke. While getting a tattoo is usually down to personal motivations, you can understand how public reactions can result in tattoo removal.