Microdermbrasion is the name given to a procedure that involves applying a pressurised stream of tiny medical-grade crystals to the skin, while a vacuum removes them and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. In a nutshell, it is a deep exfoliation.

This simple treatment can have dramatic effects on a person’s complexion:

• The texture of the skin is refined and the appearance of large, open pores is reduced
• Skin tone and pigmentation is more even
• Dull skin is removed to reveal new skin
• Scars caused by active acne etc. are reduced
• Skin renewal and collagen production are boosted, encouraging the growth of supple, elastic skin.

Many people find that once they have had the procedure done once, they are eager to repeat the experience. And herein lies the problem. Some people are so delighted with the results that they get carried away, returning to have more microdermabrasion before their skin has enough of chance to renew itself.

Over time, this could result in the thinning of the skin, thread veins and even cause signs of ageing. Make sure you listen to the advice of your practitioner and don’t go overboard, or you will end up damaging your skin.