Miley Cyrus gets tattoo altered because it is meaningless

Posted on 05 Jun, 2012

According to some news reports, Miley Cyrus has had to go back under the needle to alter a tattoo that she only had done earlier this month. She has been quoted previously as saying that every one of her fourteen tattoos has a particular meaning for her personally, and it would seem that she has discovered that this specific tattoo of roman numerals is actually meaningless.

Luckily the tattoo is a rather discreet size, and hopefully, it won’t have taken much altering to turn it into something else ‘meaningful’. Others are not always so lucky, however, and altering a mistake may not be a possibility.

If this is the case, you may be worried that you will be stuck with an unwanted tattoo for the rest of your life, but laser tattoo removal can offer an effective solution. Lasers can break down the pigments trapped within the layers of skin, fragmenting them until they are small enough for the body to remove.

With a course of treatment sessions, the tattoo eventually fades away, taking the evidence of your mistake with it!