Tattoos may have become the latest fashion accessory for many young women, but it would seem that not everyone appreciates or even accepts them as a form of adornment.

The current Miss Ireland could now find her hopes of competing in this year’s Miss World competition scuppered because she has a tattoo of a cross-chain on her ankle. Competition rules apparently state that tattoos are not accepted, even if they are small and discreet, or even if they are camouflaged using make-up.

Anyone who finds their ambitions or hopes compromised by a tattoo will be in a difficult position. Tattoos are designed to last a lifetime, but things change and what seemed like a good idea at the time of inkling may later prove to be a significant obstacle, both socially and professionally.

Luckily, laser tattoo removal can offer an effective solution. This type of treatment uses light energy to cause the ink particles contained in the layers of skin to fragment and break down into tiny particles the body is able to remove.

Results are accumulative and also depend on the type of tattoo (professional or amateur) as well as the colours used.