Modern treatment for stretch marks related to pregnancy

Posted on 08 Jul, 2012

After giving birth to your first child there is a great deal to get used to about your new life and it may not seem as though the changes your body has gone through are a top priority. First of all, it is about settling your new arrival and getting used to parenthood. However, over time you will get used to being a mother and you will settle into a new phase of normality.

At this point, you may start to notice bodily imperfections that are a direct result of pregnancy. Stretch marks represent a good example of how pregnancy affects the body. Stretch marks occur because of the rapid growth of the skin on the belly during pregnancy and the post-natal reversal of this effect.

Stretch marks on the belly can feel very prominent and it is only natural that they should take their toll in terms of body image. Fortunately, stretch mark treatment is available. Modern stretch mark treatment involves the use of low-intensity lasers that are able to remove the damaged tissue that appears as a stretch mark. This tissue is naturally replaced by new tissue and the marks disappear.