More information on laser wrinkle treatment

Posted on 24 Apr, 2011

Wrinkles are a part and parcel of old age. They are an inevitable skin condition that is bound to affect you at some point of your life no matter how hard you try. Thankfully, there are many treatments now available on the market to lessen their effect. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to get rid of your wrinkles, it is advisable to opt for laser skin resurfacing. This procedure is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to treat your wrinkles.

How does laser wrinkle treatment work?

Laser wrinkle treatment or skin resurfacing involves the use of carbon-dioxide. It gently removes the upper layer of the skin unveiling the new skin beneath. The lasers target and get rid of the upper layers working their way through subsequent layers to get to the fresh skin. Laser skin resurfacing will help you get rid of the social stigma caused by wrinkles. It should be noted that the process will take a few weeks before you notice a difference.

The importance of self assessing your skin

It is highly important to self assess your skin before you opt for laser wrinkle treatment. A non-ablative laser is ideal for fine lines or light wrinkles. These laser lights encourage the production of collagen thereby helping your skin to even out naturally.

Why opt for laser treatment rather than the alternatives?

There are many different kinds of procedures available to treat wrinkles. However, most of these procedures include surgeries (which may or may not be painful), prescription drugs (which take a long time to yield results) and natural remedies (which do not guarantee positive results). On the other hand, laser treatment is safe, highly effective and yields faster positive results.