More men than ever are trying laser hair removal

Posted on 27 Jul, 2012

At the moment, laser hair removal treatment is hugely popular with women. Those who book themselves in at laser hair removal London clinics are doing so because they want a long-term solution to unwanted hair on the legs, bikini line, underarms, face and other parts of the body.

However, there has also been a recent surge in men booking laser hair removal sessions as well as women. This is partly because the treatment makes practical sense and appeals to men’s’ logical natures. Rather than having to carry out grooming practices all the time, laser treatment offers a long-term and even permanent hair removal solution.

Men seem to be becoming more interested in their appearances these days, and many who suffer from excess body hair are looking for a solution to remove it.

The most common areas of the body for men to use laser hair removal on are the back and shoulders, the neck and face, the buttocks and the pubic region.

For men in certain professions, laser hair removal is essential. For example, professional cyclists and speed racers sometimes choose to get a lot of their body hair removed, as do professional swimmers and divers.