Natural Skin Care Products That You Can’t Go Without

Posted on 04 Aug, 2017

In today’s busy world, where your skin is in contact with a variety of environments that may damage it throughout the day then it’s vital that you use natural skin care products that give you nothing less than glowing more youthful looking skin.

The Laser Treatment Clinic offers you naturally active skincare products that you definitely don’t want to find yourself without.

Wakame Sea Kelp

Found in the waters around Japan, Wakame Sea Kelp is known to be very rich in Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Sodium. With research showing that the sea kelp helps stop a reaction that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in your skin. Which is a vital part of helping have firm and healthy looking skin.

Using The Laser Treatment Clinics own Marine Skin Care product daily will provide you with fantastic results that other products just cannot hope to offer!

Seaweed Extract

Specifically made for people with especially fragile skin. Seaweed Extract products soften, moisturise and soothe your skin offering the skin protection against damage from internal and external factors.

Along with that Seaweed has natural, anti-inflammatory compounds that can have very positive effects on acne. Reducing the swelling of acne considerably while also being able to be used as a natural exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells.


Squalane is 100% saturated oil, making it more stable than coconut oil. Along with it being produced naturally by our bodies, it can be found in plants where it’s extracted from.

It offers a myriad of benefits to the user such as being an excellent moisturiser. Giving your skin a fresh, hydrated and soft feel. It can prevent dryness around the eye and lip area, great for when you’ve got chapped lips. Plus it’s naturally antibacterial and can soothe our skin by healing damaged skin.

With Squalene’s many benefits it deserves a permanent spot on your skin care product shelf.

Sodium Hyaluronate

A natural skin cell component, Sodium Hyaluronate has fantastic water retention properties making it extremely popular. As a natural skin care ingredient it isn’t toxic and won’t harm or irritate your skin when used.

As with other products that contain many chemicals and synthetic ingredients, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin when applied. All while providing you with a protective layer, holding in water giving you that healthy skin you’re aiming for.

Contact The Laser Treatment Clinic today and try these naturally active skin care products that’ll keep your skin fresh and glowing.