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Posted on 03 Mar, 2015

Your skin is something you will have for your entire life, so it is crucial to take care of it. If you start early, you can prevent a wide range of skin problems that could plague you later on. Of course, skin issues attack even the most diligent skin-care mavens. There are a variety of reasons that different people experience skin problems. Fortunately, there are many different solutions for these issues, so here, we take a look at what might be causing your skin problems, as well as offering some remedies that you can try to clear up the problem and prevent occurrences in the future here New Year New Skin

Common Skin Problems and Their Causes

At one point or another, everyone experiences some kind of skin problem. No one is immune to the occasional blackhead or skin rash. Some common skin problems are caused by very simple things, and include dry skin, oily skin, calluses, blisters, sunburn, rashes, itching, hives and bruises. So what causes these troublesome issues?


With lower temperatures come lower humidity levels. This means that your skin loses moisture and cannot get it as easily as in warmer weather. This causes itchy, dry skin, and what’s more-heaters and hot showers exacerbate the problem. A steamy shower sucks the natural oils out of your skin, and the longer you shower, the more you will dry out your skin.


If you are using just any old bar of soap, you may be doing more harm than good. Many bars of soap are very rough on the face’s skin and take out the natural moisture in your skin. Also, if you are rubbing your face in order to ensure cleaning it thoroughly, take note. Using a sponge or washcloth to scrub your face clean actually causes dry skin by rubbing away the top layer of skin.

Shower habits

So now you know that taking a super-hot shower is no good for your skin, but how about after you shower? Did you know that immediately toweling off after your shower strips away any moisture left in your skin? When you dry yourself off right after you bathe, the water on your skin does not have a chance to be absorbed into the skin.


As you age, your skin becomes more mature, and with that, it loses its fullness and moisture, leaving it prone to dryness and making it more sensitive and delicate.


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