As one of the most common skin issues, stretch marks are often talked about by both clients and professionals. While many choose to turn to cosmetic surgery, there are plenty of non-surgical stretch mark removal options to help you improve their appearance, without undergoing a serious medical procedure.

Common Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a type of damage which occurs in the middle layers of the skin – the dermis – when it becomes stretched beyond its limits. There are several different causes of stretch marks ranging from hormones to certain illnesses, and even medication. Some of the most common causes of stretch marks are:

  • Hormones
  • Growth Spurts
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Rapid Weight Gain
  • Certain Medication
  • The Use of Steroids
  • Rapid Muscle Growth

Unsurprisingly, stretch marks are far more common in women than they are in men, in fact, they are twice as likely to occur in women. Family history also plays a big part, as it makes it more likely that an individual will develop stretchmarks of their own if someone else in their immediate family had them as well.

Non-Surgical Stretch Mark Treatments

Considers the cost and downtime associated with cosmetic surgery, it should come as no surprise that people are more and more interested in non-invasive options when it comes to treating stretch marks. Not only are these options saver and require less downtime, they are also far more cost-effective than paying for major cosmetic surgery. Most non-surgical stretch mark treatments work by stimulation natural collagen production, which has been proven to significantly diminish the look of any existing stretch marks. This, along with treatments that improve pigmentation and texture, lead to far better results than what can be achieved with over-the-counter products, with fewer potential side effects than the risks posed by surgery.

Qualified skin clinics, like our team here at The Laser Treatment Clinic, are trained to offer any of the following procedures, although most skin experts choose to specialise in a smaller selection, in order to deliver the best results to their clients:

  • IPL
  • Advanced Dermabrasion
  • Collagen Induction Therapy
  • The Derma White Treatment

Preventing Stretch Marks

As with most skin issues, taking steps to prevent stretchmarks is often far easier than dealing with them after they are already fully formed. The best thing you can do to minimise their appearance is to moisturise daily, as this helps the skin stay supple. You can also look into products with active ingredients, which support collagen production such as ZAHEDA Marine Boost Super Serum. The clients at The Laser Treatment Clinic swear by it!