Norwegian studies link obesity and acne in teenage girls

Posted on 27 Jan, 2012

A study has been carried out in Norway in order to establish whether there is a link between obesity and acne in teenage girls. The results have been positive although they do not establish a causal link and perhaps raise more questions than they answer.

The increased likelihood of developing acne if overweight is limited to girls rather than affecting both male and female teenagers. This could suggest the influence of certain conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, where high levels of male hormones can affect both active acne and weight.

Some believe that the link could be explained by physiological changes that are brought on by being overweight, as excess weight can result in increased blood pressure, resistance to insulin and changes to hormone levels.

While the role of nutrition in the appearance of active acne is not universally accepted, this study suggests that the quantity of food consumed may potentially have an adverse effect on the condition of the skin.
Whatever the cause of acne, it is always important to react quickly when it flares up and to seek expert advice.