The Daily Mail recently challenged one woman to forgo all cosmetic treatments and make-up for one month and to write about her experience. This probably sounds like a complete nightmare to most women, and reading the article it would seem that this ‘experiment’ only confirms how much we depend on our lotions and potions to help us face the world with confidence.

Among the treatments sacrificed were: monthly microdermabrasion, blow-drying, manicures, waxes and even mascara and concealer. Although the experience seemed to start well, this lady did not end her make-up-free month feeling liberated; instead, she felt dowdy, old and began to avoid social contact.

As hair removal was also forbidden, clothes also began to be an issue. Even blonde leg hairs can be noticeable when wearing skirts and the writer soon found that she was limited to hiding her hairy legs under trousers, relegating her skirts to the back of the wardrobe.

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