Opt for laser stretch mark removal

Posted on 10 Oct, 2009

Having smooth silky skin with a youthful shine is the dream of many people. A few people are gifted with this naturally, but most of the people have to undergo several types of treatments to attain such flawless skin. Almost all people get stretch marks on different parts of their body.

Stretch marks appear in places where body fat deposits under the skin. Thighs, arms, buttocks and breasts are common places where people get stretch marks. Women can have scarred stomachs after a pregnancy. However, pregnancy is just one of the many causes of stretch marks.

The human body is constantly growing. When the muscles of a specific body part undergo a process of growth or reduction, stretch marks start appearing. People who have gained weight suddenly or who have started visiting the gym suddenly often get stretch marks. Men who practice bodybuilding often tend to get stretch marks too.

Stretch marks do not appear in the topmost layer of the skin but in the layer below the top. This is the reason why stretch mark removal creams seldom provide satisfactory results. Stretch mark removal with a laser is a method by which laser beams are directed on the affected skin.

Laser stretch mark removal is an almost painless procedure which does not take long. The results of laser stretch mark removal are almost instantaneous. Although little marks might be left on the skin after undertaking laser stretch mark removal treatment it is temporary and disappears within 7-10 days.