Opt for laser treatment to end the growth of unwanted hair

Posted on 12 Nov, 2009

In the past, hair removal was only possible through waxing and shaving, and then electrolysis was used for hair removal. Now, laser technology has been proven as a new technology to get rid of unwanted hair.

The procedure of laser hair removal treatment involves long pulsed, energy filled beams which remove the hair follicles and eventually remove unwanted hair. The laser beams are specially designed to target the follicle which will disable the hair growth during the growth stage. This process is performed by laser specialists and the physician operates the laser to target the affected area without harming the surrounding tissue.

The whole treatment takes several sessions because the hairs grow continuously, as they are in the different stages of the growth cycle.

Types of laser mechanisms:
Laser treatment can destroy the hair follicles by using any one of the three different mechanisms of the laser technology. Firstly, the thermal laser mechanism which uses local heating and the heat is quickly transferred from the laser beam to the hair follicle. Shockwave is the second mechanism which uses shockwave lasers to destroy the hair and the hair follicles. The third is known as photochemical and it uses an energy-filled beam that produces toxic mediators like free radicals which disable the hair growth.

Treatable body parts:
Laser hair removal treatment can be performed on any external body part where you have unwanted hair. Commonly, many patients want to get rid of hair which is on the back, upper lip, ear lobe, shoulder and various areas. But most people need at least 6 sessions for the best results. The damaged hairs are shed gradually in the two weeks after the treatment is completed.