Both teenagers and adults suffer from acne problems. Besides the acne itself the affliction also leaves behind ugly looking scars. As these scars can last for life, they can cause problems like psychological stress and loss of self-esteem in some people.

Types of acne treatment

To cure acne problems, a number of different treatments are available. While some people prefer traditional homemade remedies, others opt for antibiotics and over the counter lotions and creams. However, these treatment procedures may not offer the desired results to everyone. For this reason, laser acne treatment has gained immense popularity in the recent past.

Laser acne treatment is known to be the safest and most effective way of treating acne. Also, the chances of possible side effects are quite low. Laser treatment for acne is the best procedure to cure active acne breakouts as well as the scarring that is left behind, although the treatment to cure severe acne scars depends on the location, depth and shape.

The procedure

When performing the laser acne treatment, the doctor holds a laser pen just above the acne scar tissue or acne. The procedure uses a concentrated beam of laser light that is focused on the affected surface. This concentrated light beam is waved forward and backward over the skin area. This vaporises unwanted tissue and helps in the growth and development of new, clean and clear skin.