Acne is a skin problem which proves to be a problem for many people. The embarrassing pimples on ones face can make social situations uncomfortable. In situations like this opting for the laser acne treatment can be a wise option, but which type of laser treatment should you choose?

The different types of laser acne treatment

Choosing the right acne treatment can mean you can get rid of the acne for good. You can choose from different types of laser acne treatment, depending on the severity of the acne problem.

Blue light therapy

This type of laser acne treatment involves the use of low intensity blue laser light which destroys the bacteria that cause the acne. The sebaceous gland secretes oil, and it’s this excess oil which tends to block the skin pores. The skin pores then accumulate bacteria which results in acne. Blue light therapy is the most painless type of treatment and also one of the most popular methods available.

Pulsed light therapy

Pulsed light therapy uses the pulsed light and the heat energy to reduce the size of the acne causing sebaceous glands. This type of laser acne treatment destroys the bacteria present in the skin pores as well.

Diode laser therapy

This laser acne treatment uses diode lasers to get rid of the acne. The laser penetrates the thick middle layer of the skin to destroy the sebaceous glands. The top layer of the skin is not treated in this treatment as it just destroys the root of the problem.

If using different face creams and face washes have yielded no results, laser acne treatment is the option to choose when it comes to treating acne.