Opting for laser acne treatment

Posted on 17 Sep, 2010

As laser acne treatment gives long term and effective results, this treatment is getting more popular with every passing day. If you are suffering from acne and planning to undergo laser treatment then here are two things you should consider:

Consult a skin specialist

Every person has different type of skin. There are four main types of skin:

• Oily
• Dry
• Combination
• Sensitive

Depending on these skin types, your skin might react differently to the medicines and treatment. Sensitive skin needs more care and attention as it is prone to allergies and damage. Consulting a skin specialist will let you know about the severity of your acne problem. He knows about the procedure of treatment and can suggest the required steps to be taken for effective laser acne treatment.

Sessions depend on intensity of acne

Severe acne needs more time and patience to treat. This acne can be treated effectively only by laser treatment but it requires more sessions. Many people think that the surgery is not working with their acne and leave it half way if they do not see the results in first two sessions itself. One should avoid this as results can be seen after few sessions.

The cost of this treatment varies according to your skin type, effectiveness of treatment and severity of acne. Looking at the growing popularity of this treatment, it is getting cheaper and more affordable.