Peaches Geldof has revealed that, at age 22, she already has at least twenty tattoos, and that she has recently come to the conclusion that she regrets every one she has.

She got her first tattoo at the tender age of fourteen and now believes that this was too young an age to make such a decision, and wishes that her father had prevented her from going ahead.

Now, eight years later, she has an array of designs from daisy chains to animals and the names of ex-lovers. Unfortunately, she now feels that these tattoos are ugly and has even gone as far as saying: “If I could graft myself a new skin, I would.”

Miss Geldof is not alone in regretting previous tattoos. Statistics show that many people do later regret having a design permanently inked onto their skin, either because it represents a time of life that has ended, or because it prevents and an individual from moving on.

Luckily, laser tattoo removal can help. Peaches have predominantly black tattoos which respond well to laser tattoo removal. The heat from the light causes the pigment in the tattoo to disintegrate below the surface of the skin, where it is trapped. Once the pigment particles are thus reduced in size, the body can start to remove them itself, and the tattoo gradually fades.