Cosmetic tattooing was first developed in the 1980s in response to the condition alopecia, which sees a sufferer’s hair fall out, including eyebrows. It then became popular with people who suffered from other medical conditions that either caused hair loss or made putting on make up impossible. Of course, it didn’t take long to for women who wanted to save time or be made up all the time to catch on.

Cosmetic tattoos are now increasing in popularity once again, and while many people are absolutely delighted with the results, sometimes mistakes are made. It is also possible that the final result looks nothing like it did when you imagined it. Whatever the reason for disappointment, once it’s there it can’t just be wiped away.

Fortunately, tattoo removal using lasers can help enormously. The laser is applied to the skin for less than a second, but that is long enough to fragment the ink into tiny particles that the body can then dispose of. While there may well be a reaction immediately after the procedure which results in swelling and redness, but this is only temporary.