Many women feel very different in themselves after they have had a baby. Your body has changed dramatically, leaving you with more body weight and maybe even stretch marks.

The important thing to remember when trying to get back in shape after having a baby is not to rush things. Your priorities are your child and your health, so don’t push yourself too hard. When you’re ready, consider these useful tips for getting back to your best post-pregnancy:

• Don’t start dieting right away, as you need the calories to recover after childbirth and to breastfeed
• Start with very gentle exercises that you can fit around your daily family life
• Take doctor’s advice before doing any more strenuous exercise
• Take a walk with your baby in his or her pushchair for some extra exercise
Get rid of stretch marks with laser treatment. Stretch marks may fade as you lose your pregnancy weight, but they take an awfully long time to disappear completely. Laser treatment can drastically improve the appearance of stretch marks after just a few sessions.
• Get plenty of sleep (baby’s night-time habits allowing) to give you more energy with which to exercise