We often associate stretch marks with pregnancy, and yet they can affect both men and women at different stages of their lives.


Stretch marks are incredibly common amongst teenagers due to the stressed skin is put under during growth spurts. Areas most commonly affected during puberty are the outer thighs, buttocks and back, although girls can also develop them on their breasts.

Sudden weight gain
This isn’t restricted to rapid weight gain, but stretch marks can also appear in the case of rapid bulk gain, as in the case of bodybuilders. The increase in muscle mass causes the skin to stretch, and if this happens too quickly, or the skin reaches its limits, this can cause damage to the dermis.

This medication is often taken in either tablet, cream or lotion form for skin conditions such as eczema. It is very effective at reducing the inflammation caused by such skin conditions, but at the same time, it can reduce the amount of collagen in the skin. If collagen levels are low, the skin is unable to stretch with incurring damage.

Luckily, stretch mark removal is possible. The Laser Clinic in London has extensive experience in carrying out microdermabrasion and laser treatments on stretch marks and drastically reducing their appearance.