You may regret having a tattoo for a number of reasons, and may be considering the options available to you for tattoo removal.

Some people have tattoos done out of impulse, and / or while under the influence of alcohol. What may seem like a great idea in the heat of the moment may not seem so in the cold light of day, and the onset of tattoo regret is likely to be rapid!

Others really are convinced when they have their tattoo in their teens that they have chosen a tattoo that they will be proud of throughout their life. Unfortunately for the tattoo, people do change, and people sometimes regret their tattoo much later on, when they feel it no longer represents who they are.

Another problem facing those who have tattoos is public perception. It is still a commonly held idea that job prospects will be adversely affected if an applicant has visible tattoos. This may be due to associations with the design itself, or the old idea that tattoos belong on sailors and prisoners! Either way, tattoos can still face prejudice in the workplace.