Reduce the risk of acne scarring

Posted on 13 Jun, 2012

Unfortunately for those of us who have acne-prone skin, winning the battle against the blemishes is only half the battle; active acne has a tendency to cause permanent damage to skin tissue, resulting in scars that are depressed in appearance and often display post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

This can make them really difficult to conceal as there is both an uneven skin tone and surface to deal with. If you have been struggling with acne only to find that the marks the spots leave behind are just as troublesome, you may be left feeling disappointed and embarrassed about the condition of your complexion.

Rather than hiding behind thick layers of foundation or concealer, however, why not address the problem head-on and look for an effective solution? Microdermabrasion and laser therapy can provide just this: a deep exfoliation using medical-grade crystals removes the damaged and discoloured superficial layers of skin.

The skin underneath is new and healthy, with improved surface texture and reduced redness. Following the microdermabrasion with laser will stimulate the body’s healing response, encouraging skin renewal and the production of collagen.

Improvement can be seen even after the first session, so if your acne scars are getting you down, take action so that you can face the world with confidence.