Acne scar issues are one of the consequences of severe acne breakouts after the condition itself has died down. Unfortunately, the scarring that acne leaves can often cause the sufferer serious difficulties with self-esteem and personal confidence, long after new attacks of acne have become infrequent.

Before laser treatment became available to the general public, the only treatment sufferers of acne could expect to receive were topical creams, antibiotics and occasionally abrasive procedures of direct treatment on the affected skin. Fortunately, laser technology has improved acne treatment a great deal.

Not only does laser acne treatment help to cure the condition, but it can also be used to eliminate the scarring left behind by serious outbreaks. The procedure involves breaking down the scar tissue on the affected areas of skin, encouraging collagen production and new skin growth in the areas.

The results of laser acne treatment can be quite astonishing, with patients able to achieve smooth, blemish-free and scar-free complexions after a number of sessions. It is important to recognise that the treatment will not necessarily deliver immediately obvious results. After several sessions have been completed, the positive response of the skin to the treatment will be evident.