Remove Body Tattoos Effectively With Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Posted on 17 Jun, 2010

Tattoos are designs which are made on the skin by injecting coloured pigments. Tattooing is very popular amongst the younger generations, as it displays their views and tastes. If you have a tattoo on your body and want to remove it then laser treatment is an ideal option. Compared to other methods, laser tattoo removal treatment is known for offering effective and permanent results.

In order to remove body tattoos through lasers, you have to consult a skin specialist immediately. Different types of lasers have been introduced to remove several types of tattoos. After considering the size and colours of your tattoos, the surgeon can decide the kind of lasers which can be used. Before undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment, it is important to understand the overall procedure.

What happens during Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Before the actual laser removal process starts, a gel or cream is applied on the tattooed area which needs to be treated. This makes the skin soft and ready for laser treatment. The laser light used in the treatment breaks the tattoo ink into small sized particles which are eventually removed by the scavenger cells of the body. To remove the tattoos completely, several sessions are required.

The time frame of tattoo removal depends on few factors such as:

  • Type of ink used in the tattoos
  • Size of the tattoos
  • Depth of the ink
  • Colours present in the tattoos

Once the laser treatment is completed, the treated area must be protected from sunlight and water. Apply non-bacterial cream prescribed by the doctor to achieve positive results.