If your tattoo was made years ago when it matched your lifestyle, but now you want to remove it, then go with laser tattoo removal. This is because laser treatment is the only method which can remove the tattoo ink fully from your skin. Nowadays, you will find that many people are opting for laser tattoo removal.

In the treatment, pulses of laser light penetrate your skin helping to break the ink into tiny pieces. These small fragments will be absorbed by the immune system of the body. The complete removal of the tattoo will take some time, but the result will be permanent. One of the best things about laser tattoo removal is that it is effective and causes less discomfort than other methods.

How do different coloured tattoos react to laser tattoo removal treatment?

Nowadays, you will find that different wavelengths of lasers are used in breaking down different colours which are present in tattoos. It has been proved that orange, green, yellow and blue are much more difficult to remove than colours like black and red. The size of the tattoo also affects the time it takes to complete the treatment.