The most cherished and special moment in a woman’s life is when she is about to give birth to her baby. However, the one negative aspect of pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

Stretch marks appear due to the expansion and stretching of the skin, meaning that when a person puts on or loses weight quickly, stretch marks can be formed. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible; between 75% and 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks to some degree, and the marks formed are generally purple or red in colour. If you are worried that these stretch marks will damage your skin during pregnancy, then there are some ways that you can prevent it.

By eating good food and exercising regularly, you can decrease the chances that stretch marks will form. Nutritious food not only helps the unborn baby but also improves the blood circulation and the elasticity of your skin. You can also try using creams, but these do not help to remove the marks completely.

Laser treatment is the most effective option as it has the ability to completely get rid of stretch marks in a short span of time. Laser stretch mark removal treatment is extremely popular, due to its successful history of removing the unsightly stretch marks of many people. Apart from removing the marks, laser treatment will also prevent these marks from reoccurring in the future.