Remove tattoos easily with laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 03 Jun, 2010

To remove unwanted tattoos, many people now choose laser tattoo removal treatment. If you have tattoos on your body and now find them unattractive then laser treatment is the perfect option. With recent developments in the laser industry, new lasers have been introduced which are also effective on multi-coloured tattoos.

Before laser technology was introduced, other methods such as dermabrasion and excision were used by medical experts. Compared to laser treatments, the older methods were known for being ineffective and also very painful which is not the case with new laser treatments.

Once you have decided to choose laser tattoo removal, the first thing you need to do is meet a doctor. The doctor will examine the tattoo and will then decide the level of treatment which will be suitable for you. One of the best things about laser tattoo removal treatment is that you can achieve desired results quickly.

A few facts about the laser tattoo removal procedure

When the laser treatment is carried out, the doctor will use a device which directs the laser on the area which needs to be treated. The main function of these lasers is to target the pigmented cells which are present in the tattoo design. This will break the tattoo up into small particles which will be absorbed by the body and fade after a few weeks.

The size of the tattoo is a factor which plays an important role in the removal of the tattoo. Other than the size, tattoo colours also have a great impact on the removal procedure. It has been proven that dark colours take less time to be broken down than lighter colours.