Many people love designs or tattoos over their bodies. If you also had a tattoo when you were young and now want to remove it then laser tattoo removal is the best option. Nowadays, most people around the world undergo laser tattoo removal treatment because it is effective and painless in relation to other methods.

If you have decided to go for laser tattoo removal then make sure that you know the details about the process.

How laser tattoo removal works?

Before the laser tattoo removal process, the doctor applies a small amount of topical anaesthetic to relieve any pain.

During the laser tattoo removal process, the surgeon uses a device which emits advanced lasers on the area which needs to be treated. These lasers break down the large designs or tattoos into small pigments. These pigments are cleared by the immune system of the body. Due to different colours used in tattoos, many different types of lasers have been introduced in the medical field. This includes:

• Q-switched lasers
• NA:Yag lasers
• Ruby crystal lasers
• Alexandrite lasers

Out of the different colours, black and red are the simplest ones to remove from the skin. The whole tattoo removal treatment can be completed within few weeks. The cost of laser tattoo removal process depends on factors such as colours and the size of the tattoos.