Hair removal used to be an activity which was more popular with women. although many men are now opting for hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal treatment is gaining in popularity amongst men and women as it is far more effective than other methods like shaving, waxing and electrolysis.

Details about laser hair removal treatment

Laser treatment is known as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which helps in removing unwanted body hair for a long time, with minimal pain. In this treatment, the laser targets the melanin which is known as the dark pigment. The melanin absorbs the light which hits the hair follicles. This way the growth of hair is controlled easily with the help of lasers.

At present, most men opt for laser hair removal treatment to remove hair from their neck, back, chest and also abdomen. In the case of women, they want to remove hair which grows on their legs, arm, back and face.

What affects the laser hair removal process?

Generally, laser hair removal treatment requires several sessions for complete removal of body hair but the time frames vary, as per the skin and hair colour of the candidates. In addition to this, the quantity of hair also has an impact on the whole process. Nowadays, more advanced lasers are used for removing different types of hair from the body.

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