If you have unwanted hair on different parts of your body then make sure that you go for laser hair removal treatment. Compared to other hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving; lasers help in removing hair permanently. The latest lasers help in removing unwanted hair from various body parts such as legs, arms, chin, cheeks, thighs, back and chest, etc.

In the process of laser hair removal treatment, lasers directly hit the hair follicles at its base which helps to prevent the growth of hair.

What happens before and after laser hair removal treatment?

Before the actual treatment begins, you need to ensure that no lotion, makeup or cream is applied on the skin area which needs to be treated. After the skin is checked, the doctor applies a gel on the skin. This gel acts like a conductor which helps the skin to remain cool during the process. After this, the dermatologist uses a device which targets the laser onto the skin. The lasers help to stop the growth of unwanted hair in the treated area. One of the best things about laser treatment is that it does not affect the surrounding area of the skin.

Most doctors recommend that the candidates go for several sessions to remove unwanted hair completely from the skin. In some cases, the patient also faces temporary redness and swelling on the skin. You do not have to worry though, as this will usually go within a few days.