Laser tattoo removal treatment works on the basis of a particular principle which is known as selective thermolysis. In the process, the lasers are targeted onto the tattoos which have to be removed. This is one of the most popular tattoo removal methods, as it is quick and does not damage the skin surrounding the tattoos.

At present, lasers are used for the removal of all kind of tattoos. To treat various colours of tattoos, there are different lasers available.

If you have an undesired tattoo on your body then opt for laser tattoo removal treatment. The time required to remove the tattoo completely depends on the colours used in the tattoos and also the size of the tattoos. In addition to this, the body parts on which tattoos are printed determines the time for removal.

Types of lasers used for tattoo removal

At present, you will find that there are several types of lasers which are used for tattoo removal treatment.

Ruby lasers – These lasers are specially made for dark colours like black and blue. This means that tattoos with dark colours generally use ruby lasers for removal.

Nd:YAG lasers – They are perfect for people who have dark skin and they also work well on dark coloured inks.

Alexandrite and pulsed dye lasers – Alexandrite lasers are specially made for treating green coloured tattoos. On the other hand, pulsed dye lasers can penetrate deep into the skin which means that they work well on red, orange, purple and other colours.

Thus, according to your tattoo and skin tone the doctor will select the laser which is appropriate for you.