There are many people who get tattoos and then want to remove them. If you want to get rid of any unwanted tattoos, you should opt for laser tattoo removal. This treatment is preferred by many people, as it is quite painless and fast.

Before going for laser tattoo removal, it is necessary to understand the whole procedure.

How laser tattoo removal treatment works

During the process, a laser is focused on the tattoo and its pigment. In the past, laser treatment was only effective on black tattoos, but now, with advancements in technology, all colours can be removed. Besides colour, laser treatment is also affected by the size of the tattoo. For instance, if you have a large tattoo then more sessions will be required to remove it completely.

Before the treatment, your eyes will be covered with a protective shield. A quick test is then performed to see how your skin reacts. When the laser hits your skin, you will feel a little sensation. The main aim of this treatment is to break the tattoos into various particles, which the body then removes.

Once the process is complete, an ice pack is placed onto the treated area, and a bandage is often used to protect the skin from sun damage.

It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before undergoing laser tattoo removal.