Remove unwanted tattoos safely and effectively with laser treatment.

Posted on 04 Aug, 2011

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years and are no longer associated only with sailors and criminals!

Techniques and designs have become more intricate and sophisticated and tend to be worn as a fashion accessory. This tendency has been made more popular by the rising number of celebrities who sport multiple and extensive tattoos, often on highly visible areas of the body.

With the rising numbers of tattoos, however, comes an increase in the demand for tattoo removal. Some figures claim that as many as 50% of those who have tattoos come to regret their decision. As a permanent reminder of a certain time, the sentiment behind a tattoo may not resist the passage of time as well as the ink itself.

Until laser tattoo removal, options were rather limited and results could be patchy and risk injury or scarring. Sometimes the best bet was just to hide the offending tattoo… forever. Using a laser to remove a tattoo is now the safest and most effective way to get rid of a tattoo that has fallen out of favour.

The light from the laser is aimed at the ink trapped deep within the layers of the skin. As it heats up, it causes the pigments to fragment into smaller particles that the body is then able to disperse.