The constant stretching of an elastic middle layer that helps the skin to retain its shape causes stretch marks. The small connective fibres within the skin break, and as a result, the skin becomes less elastic. A lot of people get stretch marks at some point in their life, and both men, as well as women, can get them.

Some people attempt to remove stretch marks themselves through lotions and creams, although these are not very effective.

The best option is to choose laser surgery. This is also known as laser stretch mark removal. In this procedure, a handheld device that uses an extremely controlled flow of fine, medical-grade crystals is passed over the skin. A sharp scratching sensation may be felt during this. After this, the laser is then used.

Some spots of redness may be seen on the skin after the treatment, although these should disappear quickly. Renewal of the epidermis may take four to five days, depending on the duration and extent of the treatment.

By getting rid of these stretch marks via laser stretch mark removal, your skin will be given a whole new lease of life.