Removing excessive body hair

Posted on 06 Aug, 2011

All women have varying amounts of body hair on the face, abdomen, chest and back, although this tends to be fine. Unfortunately, some are affected by the growth of darker, coarser, thicker hair in these areas. This can cause significant problems, and be particularly detrimental to self-esteem.

One possible cause of excessive hair growth is the condition polycystic ovaries, which is commonly associated with a hormonal imbalance. An over-production of the male hormones, androgens, is thought to be a major contributory factor.

Controlling this hair growth can be problematic. Shaving needs to be done frequently and can make the regrowth look darker and thicker. Waxing and plucking, although longer-lasting, can be painful and time-consuming if done using shop-bought kits, and there is a slight risk of skin damage and subsequent scarring. Salon treatments can be expensive and need to be repeated on a regular basis.

Laser treatment, on the other hand, is a non-intrusive and safe way to remove hairs and to prevent regrowth. The laser effectively destroys the individual hair follicles so that they can no longer produce hair.

Blond, grey and white hairs were previously found to be problematic even with this treatment, but can now be removed just like darker hair. The Laser Treatment Clinic provides the best laser hair removal London has to offer, thanks to its team of experts.